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Luigina Ciolfi is Reader in Communication in the Communication and Computing Research Centre, C3RI, Sheffield Hallam University (UK). Her main research interests focus on people’s experience of technology in the physical world, notions of space and place and situated conduct, and practices of mobility in context. She has worked on several research projects exploring interaction with technology in public spaces, heritage settings, and practices of work and life on the move. She is interested in exploring placemaking and mechanisms of coordination and planning around work and non-work activities and in developing insights on how technology could be designed to better support this.

Gabriela Avram is lecturer in Digital Media and Interaction Design and senior researcher at the Interaction Design Centre of the University of Limerick (Ireland). Building on a CSCW and Knowledge Management background, her research currently focuses on mobile and local uses of Social Media, urban communities and facilitating technology adoption. Her previous research focused on distributed work practices in Global Software Development (socGSD), Open Source communities, cultural and social aspects of collaboration and the adoption and uses of Social Media for work purposes.

Erik Grönvall is a Post-doc researcher at Aarhus University (Denmark), Computer Science department and is affiliated with the Center for Pervasive Healthcare and with the research center Participatory IT (PIT). Erik holds a Ph.D. from the University of Florence (Italy) and he works mainly within the fields of Participatory Design, Pervasive computing and healthcare. His current research interests can be found at the boundary where technology and users meet and include issues like Pervasive Healthcare, Method development for user driven innovation, end-user control in ubiquitous systems and how to develop technologies that can be used by diverse and heterogeneous user groups. Lately, a focus has been on the home as a setting for (healthcare) design, from both a CSCW and HCI perspective.

Chiara Rossitto is a Lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction at the Dept. of Information and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University (Sweden). Chiara holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and a Master Degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Siena (Italy). She has worked on a variety of research topics, including the analytical investigation of mobility in collaborative work settings, mobile learning, web-based support for collaborative writing. Chiara’s research is characterized by a combination of social theory and empirical investigations aiming at understanding the situated use of technologies, and at exploring new design spaces.

Louise Barkhuus is an Associate Professor at Stockholm University and a senior researcher at the Mobile Life Centre (Sweden). Her research focuses on social interaction through and around mobile and ubiquitous technologies, particular in relation to issues of privacy, friendship maintenance, location-reporting and game playing. She looks at the intersection of technology and social interaction by combining the development of prototype applications with newly adopted commercial technologies. Her recent work includes studies of social media as facilitators of ad-hoc socializing and analyses of privacy issues within ubiquitous computing research. Before coming to Stockholm University and the Mobile Life Centre, Louise Barkhuus was working as a research scientist at the University of California, San Diego, serving as the PI of an NSF funded project on technologies for supporting social science research.



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